"One of the few original features that remain"

Unlike the other windows in the castle these are the only ones that have not been altered since they were built back in the 13th century.

You can clearly see the full thickness of the walls and the small windows that they held.

When the keep was first built these windows would have been wide open to the elements, they may have had some rushes from the local marshland to cover them but other than that would have been wide open for all kinds of weather to get in, however the size of them being small would limit it to being on the extreme.

Later on in the centuries that pass the windows may have had wooden shutters before window frames were added possibly as late as the 18th century.

In the 19th and 20th centuries when the castle was used as the main farm the north facing window was bricked up as the chimney of the newly constructed office building was added directly below.

During this time the castle bedroom was used to store fresh flowers and fruit from the newly constructed walled garden for the mansion house.

It was not until 1912 when office building was removed from the end of the castle that the brickwork was removed from this window and fully opened up again
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