"Comfort only comes with wealth"

The bed that is located here now unfortuately is not an original piece of furniture, very little would have survived over the years due to rot, dampness and insects like woodworm.

This bed and accompanied furniture was aquired in the early 1970s and placed here in the bedroom when the castle was first opened to the pubic in 1975.

It is as near an accurate account what the bed may have looked like with the trunk at the end of it. The matress would have been made from horse hair just like this replica or possibly feathers, but luxury of feathers came with wealth so all depended on whether the Hunter family was wealthy at the time.

You will notice that the woodworm has been at this bed in the past although has been erradicated with modern chemicals and been varnished over, but in the centuries gone by the bed and other wooden objects would have been replaced on a frequent basis.

The bed would have been a four poster in which a curtain would surround it, this would have been useful for privacy but also to keep insects out and also drafts from the windows.
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