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Back in the 11th and 12 century there was a small village called Hunterstoune located near the former Hillhouse Farm and comprised of wooden huts and the people would have survived on fish from the River Clyde and also the land that surrounded it. The village would have been self contained in that it would have harvested their own food.

There is suggestion that there used to be an ancient wooden castle nearby, possibly the first Hunter castle and similar to a small motte and bailey but no records or evidence remains to collaborate this.

The land as far as the eye could see would have been all marshland and extremely boggy, it would have had trees and thick shrubs mixed in with that too and would not have been a pleasent place to navigate.

By the mid 13th century a new stone castle was built about 3/4 of a mile away and this is what we know now as Hunterston Castle, the original pele tower of the Hunter family.
The area of land where the original Hunterstoune Village would have once stood. You can see the former Hillhouse Farm ruins to the left and the mansion House to the middle in the distance.