In the middle of the room is a long table, this is a replica made in the 1970s what the main table may have looked like however in reality this sort of table would not have been used during the time the Great Hall was in use.

Back in the 17th century there would have been a small table located near the current fireplace possibly on a raised platform called a "Dais". This was where the lord and the most important guests sat. It was usually the place nearest to the fire.

Their table was known as the “high board”. It was simply a board placed on trestles and was set up before the feast and taken down again afterwards. It would have been covered with a linen tablecloth and set out with silver or pewter dishes, knives and spoons. The lord was the only person who had a proper high backed chair, most other people sat on benches, though some of the important women had stools with cushions. The rest of the guests sat on benches at trestle tables running down the length of the hall.
Possibly by the 18th century a stronger table similar to what is there today although smaller in length was used.
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