"An integral part of the busy castle"

The original kitchen that served the castle is located to the right as you enter though the main entrance. This also has a large wooden secure door with a lock not too dissimilar to the main entrance one, although slightly smaller in size, but the door is larger in size to all the other doors within the castle.

Due to the various uses this room has had over the years no features still exist of the original kitchen so it is anyone’s guess what it may have looked like when in full use.

There would have been a large fireplace on the south facing wall that would have been used to cook the meals and storage alcoves either side of it. During the 17th and 18th centuries this would have been a very busy area with many cooks and tables so space could have been at an extreme premium.

The two main windows on the East and West facing walls are both a recent 20th century addition with the small square window in the cupboard on the east facing wall being the only original window there is left.

It is entirely possible there were small gun loop style windows located on both the east and west facing walls to provide ventilation to the kitchen and also a defensive measure.
One of the many kinds of animals that
would have been cooked at the castle
The wall on the south facing wall is about 1.5 metres in thickness, the main purpose of this would be a supporting wall for the chimney and the fireplace directly above it.

In the early 1900s this room was used as a Gardeners Kitchen with the toilet next to the barrel vault forming part of the scullery at the time.

For many years the Kitchen was part of lower cottage and used as an additional bedroom and accessed through the living room via a small door and it was always thought that this was the only accessible access.

When the tenant died in the mid 1980s and the room was cleared it was soon discovered after stripping away the walls that there was a door going through into the castle, it had been blocked many years before and lay hidden but is now accessible from the castle again.
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